The First Incubation Training of Cross-Border E-Commerce Enterprises and the Training of Alibaba International Station Commenced
Date:2020-08-04  Author :

The launching ceremony of the First Incubation Training of Cross-border E-commerce Enterprises and the Training of Alibaba International Station, hosted by Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College (SFTC) and sponsored by Qingdao Cross-border E-commerce Incubation Base, was held in Qingdao on the morning of Aug. 4th, 2020, which is one of Special Training Activities of Innovative Talents of Shandong Province. The goal is to promote the development of new forms and modes of foreign trade, speed up the cultivation of innovative digital trade talents and create a more dynamic cross-border e-commerce industry chain and ecosystem. Professor Diao Jiandong, SFTC president, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. The participants include Gao Tengfei, General Manager of Qingdao Cross-border E-commerce Incubation Base, Yang Hui, Gold-medal lecturer of Alibaba International Station, and 65 trainees from 55 enterprises in Shandong province.

In his speech, Professor Diao Jiandong introduced the development of cross-border e-commerce in Shandong Province, difficulties of traditional foreign trade enterprises in switching to new business models and supplies and demands of cross-border e-commerce talents in job market. He stressed the importance of changes that traditional foreign trade enterprises should take in business philosophy, hoping the trainees could improve operational skills through training, put the knowledge and skills learned into practice, and help their enterprises develop cross-border e-commerce business and achieve a breakthrough from zero to one as soon as possible.

The incubation training process will last for 20 days, including three modules -Alibaba International Station, Amazon and eBay, in the mode of "real store + real project + real supply chain". The trainees can also bring in their own stores and projects to participate in the training with guidance of operation instructors. While helping enterprises cultivate talents, they can also help open up the whole process of cross-border e-commerce operations for enterprises and then successfully incubate projects for them. The module of Amazon will be from Aug. 11th to 20th, and the module of eBay from Aug 25th to 29th.

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