The International Transportation and Logistics Department

Established on the basis of several original International Trade Department programs in April 2014, the International Transportation and Logistics Department (ITLD) now has over 1,100 students and they are in four programs: Customs Clearance & International Shipping, Logistics Management, Civil Aviation Transportation and Air Crew. Customs Clearance & International Shipping is a key program of Shandong’s Famous Colleges Construction Program and a provincial Prestige program. Logistics Management is a provincial Prestige Program and pioneers in the Shandong Vocational Apprenticeship Project. Civil Aviation Transportation is a key program of Shandong Famous College Construction Program. Air Crew is the production of college-enterprise collaboration and is one of SFTC’s key programs. The International Transportation and Logistics program group, composed of Customs Clearance & International Shipping, Logistics Management, Civil Aviation Transportation, is rated as a brand program group in Shandong. In 2016, Logistics Management is approved of a pairing scheme, pairing with the undergraduate program in Qufu Normal University.

ITLD has a young and energetic faculty team of 26 members, who pays great attention to scientific researches and has made outstanding achievements in teaching reform. All teachers have master’s degrees and 11 are assistant professors. Many teachers have worked in famous industries such as Apple, Haier's Logistic, APL, EADG etc. and gained lots of experience. Moreover, a number of them have won the title “Outstanding Teachers of Department of Commerce of Shandong Province”. In the recent three years, ITLD has undertaken 7 provincial teaching and scientific researches, compiled more than 10 papers in national and core journals, and four papers were included by EI or ISTP.

ITLD students have made remarkable achievements. With solid professional knowledge and excellent English skills, they obtained great outcomes in national and provincial professional skill contests. Most graduates are well received and work in related industries in Qingdao and Shandong province. Recent years’ employment rate at graduation is always higher than 92%.

ITLD has well-equipped practice and teaching facilities. The school now has several training rooms, including a comprehensive civil aviation training base supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, a customs training room, a logistics comprehensive training room, a logistics imitation room, a body training room etc., all of which are equipped with advanced software and training equipment. ITLD has more than 40 off-campus training bases and is the training base for civil air transport of China Air Transport Association, the training base and exam center of Shandong Customs Brokers Association, the training base for the international freight logistics personnel and one of the members of Qingdao Logistics Association.

In terms of student management, ITLD emphasizes its “people oriented” concept, equips every class with a full-time counselor and a head teacher, and focuses on quality education, especially humanistic quality education, which guides students to “learn how to study, learn how to be a man, learn how to work and learn how to live”.
The International Transportation and Logistics Department
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The Logistics Management Program ("3+2 Pairing Scheme", pairing with the undergraduate Logistics Management Program of Qufu Normal University)

The Program of Logistics Management pairs with the undergraduate Logistics Management Program of Qufu Normal University (QNU). Students are required to study in SFTC for 3 years and another 2 years in Qufu Normal University. Based on the market demand of logistics talents and by virtue of the advantages of SFTC and QNU, the program has introduced FIATA and STSA and dedicates to cultivate high-end logistics talents who are qualified both academically and professionally. After a three-year study, students sign employment agreements with the top 500 import/export enterprises on the basis of mutual consent. Then they continue to complete their undergraduate study in the way of retaining the job but suspending the salary. Upon graduation, students can choose to either work in the signed enterprise or pursue a master's degree or study abroad.

Main Courses: Modern Logistics, Economics, Management Principles, International Trade Theory and Practice, Warehousing Practice, Purchasing and Supply Practice, International Cargo Agency Practice, Customs Clearance Practice, Logistics Information Technology, Logistics Marketing, Logistics Law, Logistics English, Operation Research, Human Resource Management, E-commerce and Modern Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Port Logistics Practice, Logistics Comprehensive Training
Employment Possibilities: operation, marketing, management etc. in large logistics enterprises; international logistics-related positions in foreign trade enterprises, transnational corporations, foreign-related government departments etc.

The Logistics Management Program (provincial Prestige Program)

The program of Logistics Management cooperates with many large logistics enterprises, provides professional scholarship, has an in-school logistics training room a great faculty team with rich experience. The project cultivates highly qualified and technical talents with innovation and marketing ability who have strong language and computer skills, master logistics knowledge and logistics business process. In recent years, most graduates have entered into large logistics enterprises and have a bright future.
Main Courses: Warehouse Management, Distribution and Delivery Practice, Procurement Practice, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Information Technology, Cross-border E-commerce Logistics, Logistics Marketing, Logistics English
Employment Possibilities: logistics management, logistics marketing, warehouse management, documentation etc. in international or domestic logistics enterprises, import/export enterprises or logistics department in domestic-related enterprises

The Program of Customs Clearance & International Shipping (provincial Prestige Program, key program in Qingdao)

Starting from the "foreign trade transport class" which was founded in collaboration with Sinotrans Limited in 1987, Customs Clearance & International Shipping first cultivated foreign trade transport talents in Shandong. The program cultivates highly qualified and technical talents who are both ethically and professionally qualified. The program provides professional scholarship, cooperates with over 10 large international freight enterprises, has an in-campus customs clearance simulated training room and a great faculty of rich experience. And graduates are well received.

Main Courses: International Trade Practice, Customs Clearance Practice, International Freight Forwarding Agency Practice, Inspection Practice, Foreign Trade English Correspondence, Cross-border E-commerce Logistics
Employment Possibilities: customs clearance, commodity inspection, international freight forwarding operation, document making in shipping companies, international logistics enterprises, customs broker, international trade enterprises etc.

The Civil Aviation Transportation Program (provincial Prestige Program, key training base supported by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance)

Being Shandong's first and only vocational school civil aviation business program, Civil Aviation Transportation is the only training agency in Shandong designated by China Air Transport Association. It cultivates high-end and technical talents with language and computer skills who are qualified both ethically and professionally. All of its faculty members have Teacher Certificate of China Air Transport Association. The program has many off-campus training bases, including Qingdao Airport Group and the freight department of Shandong Airlines.

Main Courses: Introduction to Civil Aviation, Aviation Transport Geography, Civil Aviation International Cargo Transport, Civil Aviation Dangerous Goods Transport, Civil Aviation Passenger Transport, IATA International Passenger Transport
Employment Possibilities: sales and service in airline companies and airports, passenger and cargo transport sales and operation in air logistics companies and civil aviation passenger transport sales companies

The Program of Flight Attendants (provincial Prestige Program, key training base supported by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance)

Cooperating with large airline companies including Shandong Airlines, Air China etc., the program of Flight Attendants hires airline company instructors and chief attendants as part-time teachers. 50% students have the opportunity to intern and work in airline companies. The program is the only training agency in Shandong designated by China Air Transport Association. Air Crew cultivates high-end and technical talents with service awareness, professional ethics, proficient foreign language skills and basic civil aviation transport knowledge.

Main Courses: Civil Aviation English, Body Shaping, Civil Aviation Service Etiquettes, Cabin Services, Airline Health Care and First Aid, Cabin Safety and Emergency Management, Civil Aviation Passenger Transport
Employment Possibilities: flight attendant and security guard in airline companies; airport security check, check-in, ticketing, VIP service etc.