College English Department

CED consists of four teaching and research sections, and undertakes the teaching tasks of college English classes for students from the International Trade Department, the Economic Management Department and the Information-technology Management Department. It offers both compulsory courses and elective ones, including Intensive Reading, Listening, Spoken English, English-Chinese Translation, Practical English Grammar, Practical English Writing, Advanced Oral English, Advanced Listening, Introduction to English-speaking Countries, Cross-cultural Communication, English Movie Appreciation etc.

CED has a great faculty team. It now has 45 teachers, including 1 professor and 10 assistant professors. Among this team, 15 teachers have master’s degrees and 24 are pursuing their master’s degree. A number of them have studied in foreign countries like Belgium, Australia, Japan, the United States etc. 2 teachers have been trained by EU C-E Simultaneous Interpretation. At present, 1 teacher is pursuing a master’s degree in Japan and another one is visiting Southeast Missouri State University in US. In 2010, 2 teachers took the first place respectively in the Comprehensive College English Courses Group and the Audio-Visual-Oral English Courses Group of the 1st?“Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press Cup” National College English Teaching Contest Finals, Shandong, and one of them won the special prize and the first prize of the Comprehensive Courses Group in national finals.

CED students have received comprehensive education and have made remarkable achievements. Students’ average passing rate of Practical English Test for Vocational Colleges in Shandong Province is up to 95%. And the percentage of students passing CET4/6 ranks high among similar colleges in Shandong. In recent years, CED students have won prizes in all kinds of contests, including 3 special prizes and 3 first prizes in contests like Shandong Vocational College Practical English Speaking Contest, 1 special prize and 1 first prize in National Vocational College Practical English Speaking Contest.

CED also emphasizes scientific researches. The department has undertaken 1 project of the Advisory Committee of English Teaching in Vocational Education, Ministry of Education, 1 English Teaching Reform Project of the Teaching Committee of China Vocational Teaching Society, 2 provincial scientific research programs and more than 10 school-level scientific research projects. Faculty members have published more than 100 papers, and compiled over 10 textbooks and monographs.