The Common Courses Department

The Common Courses Department (CCD), consisting of four teaching and research sections: Ideology and Political Science, Chinese, Mathematics, and PE, undertakes the teaching tasks of all basic courses for SFTC. CCD has an excellent 28-strong full-time and 20-strong part-time faculty team, including 2 professors, 7 assistant professors, and 19 lecturers. 80% of the faculty has master’s degrees, 3 teachers have been domestic visiting scholars, and 1overseas visiting scholar. CCD provides 9 compulsory courses and more than 6 elective courses, including the ‘Introduction to Chairman Mao’s Thoughts and the Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics’, ‘Moral, Ideological and Political Science and Law Basics’, ‘Traditional Chinese Culture’, ’Practical Chinese Writing’, ‘PE’” etc.

The CCD teachers offer students comprehensive education and have made great achievements. In recent years, they have guided over 10 student associations, published more than 50 papers, and compiled around 10 textbooks, all of which have obtained a good teaching and social effect.

CCD’s four teaching and research sections are great. The Ideology and Political Science Section adopts various teaching methods, including “group teaching”, “revolution song contest”, and “combination of domestic and abroad subjects”. The faculty team has been awarded with “Ideological and Political Theory Education Advanced Faculty” by Shandong Provincial Education Department for four times and 3 teachers won national and provincial prizes. The Chinese Section chairs the “Chinese Culture” series while its “Practical Writing” adopts and explores the project-teaching method. The Mathematics Section focuses on pragmatic teaching, injecting mathematical modeling into the whole teaching process to develop students’ rational thinking. The PE Section explores the “integration of in-and-off classes” by incorporating elective PE courses, extracurricular mass sports, and student sports club into the curriculum system.

CCD aims to construct SFTC and serve its students.