The Economic Management Department

The Economic Management Department (EMD) has a strong faculty team, among which 53% are professors, assistant professors or senior lecturers. EMD has around 1,000 full-time students and they are in four programs, Tourism, Marketing, Business Management and Exhibition Planning and Management.

Under the slogan of ‘Leading fashion and creating vision’, EMD emphasizes college-enterprise collaboration and grants a large number of work placement opportunities and scholarships to its students, including the ‘Transnational Procurement Scholarship’ and the ‘Innovation and Vision Scholarship’.

EMD has superior practical training facilities, including the on-campus training rooms for catering service, room service, office automation and business negotiations, and over 30 off-campus training bases, such as the Outsourcing Training Base in Tai’an (the Haidai Garden hotel), the Shangri-la Hotel (Qingdao), the Gome Co., Ltd., Shandong Uniex Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd., and Qingdao Innovation and Vision?E-commerce Co., Ltd.

EMD has made fruitful progress in teaching, researches and talent cultivation. In the past five years, 10 research projects have been accredited by Shandong Province, over 200 professional academic papers have been published in various academic journals and around 30 textbooks have been compiled. Students from EMD have won several first prizes in national vocational skill contests. EMD students’ graduation employment rate is over 95% and the graduates are well received.

The Economic Management Department
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The Program of Marketing
(Prestige Vocational Education Program of Qingdao)

Marketing cultivates highly qualified technical talents that have high EQ and professional ethics, and be able to engage into market development, marketing planning, sales and customer management. It now owns over 50 off-campus training bases, and was awarded with "Excellent Program for National College-enterprise Collaboration to Cultivate Marketing Talents" by China Chamber of International Commerce. Among its faculty team, 57% are professors, assistant professors or have doctor's degrees, and 29% have studied overseas. Students have won many first prizes in various marketing vocational skill contests at different levels, and its graduates, famous for their "high employment rate, high self-employment rate, high payment and quick promotion", are welcomed by employers.

Main Courses: Marketing Basics, Marketing and Business Negotiation Practices, Marketing Research Practices, Consumer Psychology, Marketing Planning, Marketing ERP Experiment, Enterprise Management, Advertising and Promotion, Customer Management etc.
Employment Possibilities: market research, product promotion, advertising creation, event planning, sales management, customer service etc. in the modern service industry such as finance, real estate, logistics, commerce and trade etc.
The Tourism Management Program

Tourism Management cultivates highly qualified technical talents that are able to fluently communicate in both Chinese and English, and engage in domestic and abroad tourism production planning and sales, Chinese and English guide service, and upscale foreign-related tourism hotel service and management. Being the key program of Shandong Technical School Construction Project, Tourism Management owns several school training bases, such as the only five-star hotel training base in Shandong Province and the training base of international travel agency, and a faculty team of rich enterprise experience. Moreover, it has hosted over 10 projects at the provincial level or above, undertaken the compiling work of 13th Five-year Plan for Tourism E-commerce of Qingdao. Over 80% of its graduates work in the top 100 international tourism agencies in China and upscale international hotel chains.

Main Courses: Comprehensive English, English Listening, Oral English, Tourism English, Career Image Shaping, Tourism Culture, Tourism Marketing, Travel Agency Planning and Scheduling Practice, Tour Guide Practice, Travel Agency Management Practices, Hotel Supervision Practice, Hotel Management Practices, Tourism E-commerce etc.
Employment Possibilities: operation and management positions including tour guide, planning and scheduling, communicating, E-commerce etc. in international tour agencies; management positions like supervisor, director and department manager in upscale hotels; professional manager in foreign-related tourism enterprises in the long run

The Business Management Program

Business Management (BM) cultivates highly qualified skill talents that master basic knowledge of business management, have vocational skills including communication and negotiation, business consult, business planning, office management etc., have professional ethics, service awareness and team spirit, and are able to engage in business assistant and customer service. It is the "CCPIT Certified Brand Management Professional Qualification Training and Test Base" affirmed by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and owns over 20 off-campus training bases. Among its professional teachers, 83% are professors or assistant professors, and many teachers are employed by cooperative enterprises as management consultants.

Main Courses: Modern Service Enterprise Management, Business English, Business Communication, Business Writing, Business Events Planning and Organization, Business Ethics, Customer Service, Office Management, Office Automation
Employment Possibilities: assistant management positions such as customer service, administrative staff in international trade, chain retail, real estate, automobile, logistics etc.; senior management positions like customer service director, administrative vice president etc. in the long run

The Program of Convention and Exhibition Planning and Management

Convention and Exhibition Planning and Management cultivates highly qualified technical talents with innovation and professional ethics who are proficient in convention and exhibition planning and basic management knowledge, who are able to engage in planning, organizing and managing large-scale activities such as conventions, exhibitions, festivals and intensive travel. The program has the only training and test base of international convention and exhibition personnel in Shandong Province. Besides, it owns practice and training bases like five-star convention hotels, and has established cooperative relationship with over 10 famous convention enterprises, including Shandong Uniex Conference and Exhibition co., Ltd., Qingdao Global Sourcing Promotion Center etc.

Main Courses: Convention and Exhibition Marketing, Convention and Exhibition Planning, Exhibition Organization and Management, MICE, Convention and Exhibition Project Management, Business Writing Practice, Venue Management, Convention and Exhibition Layout and Design, Software for Convention and Exhibition Design, Convention and Exhibition English, Professional Image Shaping
Employment Possibilities: convention and exhibition planning, exhibition invitation, investment attraction, organization and management in convention and exhibition enterprises, convention and exhibition center, wedding company etc.; organizing and managing conferences, conventions and exhibitions in large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions; professional managers in convention and exhibition enterprises in the long run