SFTC Volunteers Enrolled into Western China Program 2020
Date:2020-07-28  Author :

On July 28, warm farewells were arranged in Conference Room 201 for Chen Ke and Ma Xiao, two volunteer students of SFTC, who were successfully enrolled into the Volunteer Program of College Students for Western China 2020. Mr. Tang Changchen, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, presided at the meeting. Other participants included Lin Lingjia, Secretary of SFTC CPC Party Committee, Jia Guizhen, Director of the United Front Work and Publicity Department, Liu Song, head of the Committee of the Youth League (CYL), and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee branch and students counselors from the volunteer students’ departments.

CYL of SFTC launched a comprehensive recruitment in May, at the requests of China’s Central Committee of the Youth League, CYL of Shandong Province and the Office of the Volunteer Program of College Students for Western China. Through personal applications, online registration, college review and recommendation, the written examination, interviews and verification by the CYL Office, Chen Ke from the Department of Business Foreign Languages and Ma Xiao from the Department of International Transportation and Logistics, were approved to enroll into the Shandong Project of the Volunteer Program of College Students for Western China 2020.

At the meeting, Liu Song introduced the recruitment process in SFTC. And the two volunteers delivered a speech respectively, expressing their love and thanks to the college, and their teachers and classmates and exhibiting their devotion to this program and great determination to work hard for construction of China. Tang Changchen presented subsidies and souvenirs to them, and the teachers and counselors present also extended their best wishes.

On behalf of SFTC, Lin Lingjia inspired the two volunteers to remain true to their original aspiration, keep their mission firmly in mind, keep feet on the ground, put knowledge into practice and serve the people whole-heartedly, in the hope that they can realize a combination between their own dreams and the great dream of rejuvenation of China. At the same time, he asked CYL of the college to sum up relevant experience from this special volunteer recruitment during the epidemic of Covid-19, to strengthen contact with the volunteers, to show solicitude for their growth and development, to learn about situations in their posts and communicate with relevant departments to help them solve problems, providing a reliable guarantee for them to complete their tasks excellently.

Soon the two volunteers will go to Dongping county of Tai’an and Changle county of Weifang in Shandong Province and start their work in primary-level posts.

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