Functions of Party and Administrative Organizations

The General Office
The Office is a comprehensive body responsible for the school party committee and administrative work. Its main duties range from organizing important school activities, management of general affairs, secretarial and confidential works, to external affairs and information research works.

The Center of Information
The Center takes charge of the university’s information and communication technologies' management, Internet maintenance and campus Internet construction.

The Organization Department of CPC
The Department is responsible for construction and organization of the Party, the building of cadres and talents, and the work of the united front.

The Publicity Department of CPC
The Department is responsible for ideology-related work and the information dissemination system. Its main responsibilities are theoretical study and research, situation and policy, publicizing and reporting, construction and management of publicity position.

The Commission of CPC Discipline Inspection

The Commission is in charge of discipline inspection and administrative supervision.

The Office of Students Affairs
The Office is responsible for the ideological and political education, management of behavior norms, and providing student assistance and psychological counseling as well as managing students’ dormitory system.

The Office of Campus Security
The Office is responsible for safety guard and fire control work.

The Office of Human Resources
The Office focuses on making the human resource policies and procedures, including recruitment, training, appointments, promotions, labor and wage, and social insurance.

The Office of Teaching and Academic Affairs

The office is responsible for teaching and academic affairs, focusing on teaching practice and management, emphasizing teaching quality control and evaluation, standardizing student status systems and setting up the ground for management team construction.

The Office of Scientific Research (the Institute of International Economy and Trade)

The mission of the Office is to serve scientific and applied science research, to manage research projects and to promote the development of scientific research on campus.

The Office of Admission and Employment, Alumni Services, University-Enterprise Cooperation

The duties of the Office mainly include admission, enrollment and career guidance work for students, services for alumni and management of University-Enterprise cooperation.

The Office of Financial Affairs

The Office manages SFTC’s daily financial, accounting and auditing work.

The Office of General Services

The Office provides general services and logistics services for departments.

The Office of College Real Estate Management

The Office is in charge of managing campus real estate. The duties include: construction bidding and infrastructure management and so on.

The Office of Life-long Education

The Office takes charge of continuing degree education and training, social tests and the daily operation of Jinqiao School.

The Office of International Programs

The Office is also responsible for handling the external affairs of departments throughout the University. It provides external affairs service and assists the travel of the many students, teaching and administrative staff going abroad on official university business by handling passport and visa arrangements.

The On-campus Training Center is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of teaching facilities as well as the management of training bases.

The Library is responsible for managing literature resources construction and providing documents and information for readers.
The Labor Union
Labor Union is in charge of managing daily union affairs, preparing Teacher's Representative Committee and the Labor’s Committee, and planning cultural and sports activities for teaching and administrative staff.

The Office of Retirement Services

The Office provides services for retired cadres.

The Youth League Committee

The Committee is responsible for construction of the committee, promotion of campus culture, emphasizing ideological guidance, personal and professional development for students.