With 46 years of experience, Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College (SFTC) boasts the longest history in foreign trade education in Shandong province,and it contributes hugely to Shandong and national foreign trade business by nurturing for foreign trade enterprises in the province a great number of business and management talents, many of whom have become the backbone and leaders of their respective enterprises, with some taking leading positions in nationwide Top 500 foreign trade companies.
A large majority of foreign trade companies and foreign enterprises of Shandong province are located in Qingdao, thus providing vast opportunities for our students in terms of career placement and training. The annual first-time employment rate stands at 93%, with 80% of graduates employed in Qingdao. Currently, our graduates are working in foreign trade companies all over the province. Solid support from our rich alumni resources, accurate positioning of the Institute, stringent teaching quality management, clear educational goals, combined with an outstanding faculty and a sound supply of students enable SFTC to produce graduates with instant popularity among employers and a distinct edge in a fierce job market. With solid knowledge foundation, good professional qualities, superior practical skills, and down-to-earth working attitude, our graduates enjoy a reputation of becoming the backbone at employing units. Some graduates even start up their own companies soon after graduation. The high employment rate together with a positive recognition from employers instills into students at SIFT great confidence in career development prospects

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