The Signing Ceremony of CMA Class
Date:2020-06-22  Author :

On June 19th, the signing ceremony of CMA Class, sponsored by the Management College of Ocean University of China (MCOUC), Qingdao Modern Career Development Institute (QMCDI) and Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College (SFTC), was staged in 4th conference room in SFTC. The ceremony was attended by Professor Quan Xijian, MCOUC president, Mr. Ma Hongwei, Director of the Training Center of the MCOUC, Professor Diao Jiandong and Professor Zhou Houcai, president and deputy president of SFTC.

Professor Diao Jiandong gave a brief introduction of SFTC, which is characterized by “Global-oriented”, taking influential strengths in International Trade, International Transportation and Logistics, Business Foreign Languages etc. into account. Accounting has been one of the key majors of the college with the earliest establishment time and the largest enrollment scale in Shandong province. Relying on the distinctive feature of “Global-oriented”, the faculty of accounting have explored relentlessly in cultivating talents of accounting.

Professor Quan Xijian introduced MCOUC and the project. MCOUC, which has highly qualified teachers and rich training experience in accounting, is an important strategic cooperation unit of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in China. IMA offers the prestigious Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation, which is the most authoritative certification in the field of global management accountants and is known as one of the three golden certifications in North America, evaluating the students' working experience, educational background, professional knowledge, practical skills, professional ethics and ability of sustainable development in management accounting and finance. It also is the only management accounting certification introduced and continuously implemented by the Chinese government. CMA certification was introduced into China in 2009 by the Ministry of Finance, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), the Bureau of Foreign Experts and China Association of Chief Financial Officers (CACFO), and was included in the national key talent training plan. According to the authoritative data in 2019, the number of CMA talents in need reached 5 million in China.

QMCDI is an independent institution in the charge of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, which is in close contact with many municipal departments, large enterprises, accounting firms and various guilds in Qingdao, providing CMA students with broad practical training platforms and employment opportunities.

Lu Jiqiang, Director of the Department of Finance and Accounting, introduced construction and development of the department. Finance and accounting is a national pillar specialty, a key specialty in construction supported by central government finance, a provincial characteristic specialty and the core specialty in the only highly qualified specialty group of finance and accounting, which has large-scale enrollment and a high admission line, laying a solid foundation for this cooperation. With development of modern information technology such as big data and block chain, conventional finance and accounting will be replaced by artificial intelligence one day. Therefore, management accountants are becoming increasingly important. And cooperation on this CMA class with MCOUC and QMCDI is just in time for the development of the Department of Finance and Accounting.

The CMA class will be jointly operated by SFTC, MCOUC and QMCDI. CMA lessons were be introduced into SFTC’s Accounting program. Experienced teachers from MCOUC and QMCDI were also introduced into SFTC’s classrooms, providing a valuable study opportunity and a high-quality growth platform for the students, acting as a vibrant stimulus to the reform and development of the Accounting Department.

Professor Quan Xijian, Professor Diao Jiandong and Mr. Ma Hongwei, on behalf of MCOUC, SFTVC and QMCDI respectively, signed on the cooperation agreement of the CMA class project.

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