SFTC Opens for Its 2020 Spring Semester
Date:2020-05-25  Author :

On May 25th SFTC reopens its Qingdao Campus for the 2020 Spring Semester when the COVID-19 strain hit China, and the first group of SFTC students from Grade 2017 of Accounting and Finance resumed their on-campus study.

Before reopening the campus, great attention has been attached to the prevention and control of the pandemic. Special meetings were held to formulate different detailed emergency plans as to how students should return, simulation drills performed on the prevention and control, and "A Letter to Teachers and Students" delivered to the staff and every student. Public areas, dorms, classrooms, canteens and libraries are were completely disinfected. Information on students’ health conditions and travel back to campus were collected. Special online theme class meetings were held on prevention of the pandemic and instructions for emergencies. In all, efforts were made to secure the health of teachers and students and resume classes safely.

Mr. Lin Lingjia, SFTC CPC Party secretary, and Mr. Gao Cheng, vice president of the college, visited returned students and inquired about their study, future career plans and so on. Heads from relevant offices, departments, and students’ counselors were all present on campus to coordinate students returning affairs. At the gate of the college, all returning students were required to queue up at an interval of two meters. They went through the predetermined procedures smoothly such as luggage disinfection, identity verification, health code and temperature checks and so on.

After the students returned, SFTC would make overall arrangements for the daily teaching and on-campus activities. Campus enclosure, restriction of gatherings and activities, the "daily and zero " reporting measures would be strictly implemented, and emergency responding measures would be also in immediate place as to safeguard physical and psychological wellbeing of SFTC faculty and students.

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