Deputy Director of the SCO (Qingdao) Demonstration Zone Visited SFTC
Date:2020-10-26  Author :

On October 23, Mr. Meng Qingsheng, Deputy Director of the SCO (Qingdao) Demonstration Zone, and other leaders from the Comprehensive Department and the Commerce, Tourism and Culture Department of the Zone visited SFTC. SFTC President Diao Jiandong and leaders from various departments received the guests.

President Diao introduced SFTC on its foreign trade, foreign languages, foreign transportation, China Aid Programs and cross border E-commerce. He also said that SFTC would make positive contributions to the SCO demonstration zone by closely adjusting its programs to cater for the regional open economy and foreign-related high-end service industries.

Mr. Meng Qingsheng showed his approval to SFTC and hoped that SFTC could investigate the zone to explore a new mode of cooperation in talent cultivation and employment and entrepreneurship service platform and provide talents to the new “Belt and Road” international cooperation platform of the zone.

The two sides also held in-depth discussions on foreign language training and the feasibility of jointly launching the SCO University (Qingdao) of Business and Economics.

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