The Business Japanese Program Opens a new off-campus training base
Date:2020-01-06  Author :

On January 2, 2020, Liu Yongmei, Deputy Director of Business Foreign Languages Department (BFLD), and Chen Dawei, Supervisor of the Business Japanese Program, visited and opened a new off-campus training base at ECOMIC Rongguang Information Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.

At the meeting, Zhao Yong, GM of ECOMIC Rongguang, introduced the company and its main business scope, and appraised BFLD graduates’ working performance at the company. Liu Yongmei briefed the meeting on BFLD and thanked ECOMIC Rongguang’s support. Discussions exchanged on students' internship and work placement. The two sides agreed to sign a deal for future closer cooperation.

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