SFTC signs Cooperation Agreement with ACCDA
Date:2019-05-28  Author :

On May 23, Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College (SFTC) and the Arab Chinese Cooperation & Development Association (ACCDA) signed a cooperation agreement on Promotion of Education, Trade and Humanities Exchanges. The documents were inked by Mr. Kaseem Tofailli, ACCDA President and Mr. Diao Jiandong, SFTC President, representing either side.

According to the Agreement, ACCDA and SFTC shall organize universities, colleges, institutes and enterprises in Arab countries and China respectively to cooperate in the following aspects: student exchanges; teacher and researcher exchanges for interviews, trainings and academic researches; conducting Overseas Business Representative Program to cultivate overseas business representatives or managers for enterprises from both sides; conducting ChinaAid training programs for Arab countries; establishing an investment and trade platform between Shandong Province and the Arab countries.

In 2018, SFTC hosted the “Symposium on Chinese Economic Development for Lebanon Ministers 2018”, through which ACCDA was impressed by the education characteristics of SFTC, and expressed deep appreciation on SFTC’s achievements in talent cultivation, ChinaAid programs undertaking and its contribution to the regional economic and social development. In November, 2018, ACCDA became one of the foreign governing units of the International Alliance for Vocational Education Cooperation Between Shandong Province and Belt and Road Countries, an international cooperation platform initiated by SFTC. President Kaseem Tofailli has vigorously committed to promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine and China's “Belt and Road” Initiative in the Arab countries. Agreements had been signed between ACCDA and some Chinese institutions, including the Ministry of Culture and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He was invited to attend the “2019 Forum of Sustainable Development in China (Qingdao)” and had in-depth talks with Mr. Bai Hao, Deputy Director of Shandong Provincial Department of Education, and Mr. Liang Binyan, Director of the Vocational Education Division of Shandong Provincial Department of Education, showing his wishes to cooperate with the province in various aspects. The signing of the agreement shall effectively promote pragmatic cooperation between Shandong Province and the Arab countries.

Heads of SFTC’s Office for International Cooperation Programs and the ChinaAid Training Office also attended the agreement signing ceremony.

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