Yearly Mental Health Events Held at SFTC
Date:2019-05-20  Author :

On May 16th, two activities, the “Worry-Relieving Grocery Store” and the “Tree Holes” were held on campus by the Psychological Counseling Center as part of SFTC’s Yearly Mental Health Event for College Students.

During the event, a “Worry-Relieving Grocery Store” was set up along the main road in front of the college library, and the passing teachers and students wrote their worries on paper cards. Some dropped their cards into the “Tree holes” as if all worries, anxieties and troubles were thrown away and would never come back. Some put their cards in envelops and attached them onto the grocery store’s bulletin board, expecting a special person to help relieving their worries. Many students volunteered as counsellors, reading the others’ worries, and replied on the same card. The envelops were returned the senders, bringing comfort and enlightenment to them. All of these were done anonymously so that the participants did not have to worry about revealing their privacy.

The activities provided a platform for confiding and helping each other, in which students opened up their hearts in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, releasing their stress through writing and harvesting from the returning envelops.

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