Czech Exchange Students Finished Their Tenure with SFTC
Date:2018-09-25  Author :

Recently, the third batch of three students from České Budějovice (ITBCB) completed the “Overseas Business Representative” training project at SFTC and returned to Czech on September 24th.


Before leaving, Mr. Zhou Houcai, SFTC Vice President, and Mr. Liu Xiquan, Director of the Department of International Transportation and Logistics held a workshop with the students and issued them project completion certificates. Mr. Zhou congratulated them on their successful completion of the project, and hoped that the students would keep in touch and promote communication and exchange between local Czech enterprises and SFTC. The students expressed their gratitude for the study, internship and a series of activities arranged by SFTC. They expressed that they have learned a lot on China's advanced logistics and trade models, accumulated work experience, which is helpful for their employment and studies in the future.


The 3rd batch of Czech students arrived in Qingdao on July 9th and a workshop was conducted on basic Chinese, Chinese culture, logistics development, China-Czech economic and trade outlook, trade negotiations skills, civil aviation transportation practices. They also visited Qingdao Port. After the workshop, they conducted their internships with DHL Qingdao Branch and Qingdao Gaoyang International Logistics Co., Ltd., as to familiarize the workflow of international trade and logistics in China.

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