Investment and Trade Promotion Activities Held for the ChinaAid Program
Date:2018-09-20  Author :

On the afternoon of September 13 2018, investment and trade promotion activities were held at SFTC for the ChinaAid program participants from the Advanced Seminar on Investment Promotion and Management for Developing Countries in 2018”. 43 departmental officials from 16 countries including South Africa, Egypt, Jamaica, etc. participated in the activities. Mr. Diao Jiandong, SFTCs President, addressed the activities and Ms. Wang Baohong, head of the ChinaAid Office of SFTC, presided over the meeting.


A questionnaire survey was done as to collect the foreign participants’ intentions prior to the promotion activities, and some 40 local entrepreneurs in the field of agricultural product processing, textile and garment, international logistics and building materials were invited to attend the promotion. In his speech, President Diao introduced SFTC’s recent development and Qingdao’s economic and trade situations. The foreign participants from Malawi, Egypt, South Africa and Azerbaijan introduced the investment environment and policies as well as the economic and trade development of their home countries respectively. The local entrepreneurs introduced their products and key development areas before free discussions between the entrepreneurs and the foreign participants. Some initial agreements were achieved on the promotion activities.

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