Mid-Autumn Festival Gala Held for ChinaAid Program Participants
Date:2018-09-26  Author :

On the evening of September 24th, SFTC held the “2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala”for the ChinaAid program participants from all over the world at the Furunge Hotel in Huangdao. Over 200 foreign trainees from 27 countries such as Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Jordan, Iran, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, South Africa, Mongolia, Indonesia, Guyana, Dominica participated in the gala. SFTC President Diao Jiandong addressed the gala, wishing all participants a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.


During the three-hour gala, the foreign participants performed African traditional folk dances, Eastern European songs, Mongolian and Caribbean customs, made Chinese dumplings, tasted Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes, and also celebrated a participants birthday together. Glades Villa, an official from the Presidential Palace of Malta, said, “This is a big stage for global cultural exchanges. We not only enjoyed different dances and songs of different countries, but also deeply integrated into the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. It is very impressive".


The gala not only promoted the cultural exchange between Chinese culture and the world, but also demonstrated the "humanistic sentiments" in the ChinaAid programs.

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