‘Cross-border E-commerce into Enterprises’ training tour held in Zaozhuang
Date:2018-06-13  Author :

The ‘Cross-border E-commerce into Enterprises’ training tour for Zaozhuang, directed by Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, co-hosted by SFTC and Zaozhuang City Bureau of Commerce, was held in Jinzun International Hotel, Xuecheng district, Zaozhuang city. The event was opened on 12 June by Mr. Wang Mingxian, Deputy CPC Party secretary of Xuecheng government, Director of the Administrative Committee of Xuecheng Economic Development Area, Mr. Li Dongping, Deputy Director of Zaozhuang City Bureau of Commerce and Ms. Wang Huimin, Director of SFTC’s Continuing Education Department attended the eventopening ceremony. Over 260 E-commerce practitioners from Zaozhuang took part in the training.

The training lectures include the development of the advanced business clusters of Xuecheng District, cross-border E-commerce multi-platform operation, accurate marketing and big data application of international trade, transformation and upgrading of chemical enterprises, policy interpretation of international trade, situation analysis and strategy research, and cross-border E-commerce logistics management. Lecturers are experts experienced in E-commerce practices.

20 training events are planned for the “Cross-border E-commerce into Enterprises’ Program conducted by SFTC for 2018. The next tour will be held in Wenshang county, Jining City.

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