SFTC Athletes Won Honors on 3rd Qingdao College Table Tennis Championship
Date:2018-04-23  Author :

From 20th to 21st in April, the 2018 “Huaxi Sports Cup” Qingdao College Table Tennis Championship, the 3rd of its kind, took place at Qingdao University of Science and Technology. SFTC teams won the first place in Men’s Team B, and the third place in Women’s Team B. Lu Yanhao, an SFTC student player won men’s singles title and SFTC named Excellent Organizer of the Championship

The championship was jointly sponsored by Qingdao Municipal CPC Working Commission for Universities and Colleges and the Sports Association of Universities and Colleges in Qingdao. 44 teams from 13 local universities and colleges participated in the competition. Players from SFTC won praises from their professional skills as well as their sportsmanship and fair play.

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