Xiamen Air Recruits Flight Attendants at SFTC
Date:2018-04-20  Author :

On April 15th, Xiamen Air kicks off its 2018 Flight Attendants Recruitment Tour in Shandong Province at the Civil Aviation Practical Training Base of SFTC. Some 2,000 applicants from all over the province participated in this event.

The interviews include a primary image audition, a qualification examination and a personal display of professional qualities. SFTC students majoring in civil aviation cabin service, including those from Grade 2016 and 2017, participated in the interviews. Their professional images and personal professional qualities won praises from the Xiamen Air interviewers.

After the interviews, the HR manager of Xiamen Air hailed SFTC’s high efficiency in making the event a success and expressed his gratitude for the support and service. He also promised to deepen cooperation between Xiamen Air and SFTC in building a stronger civil aviation cabin service program.

Xiamen Air is the third airliner setting up a recruitment base at SFTC, after Lucky Air and China Southern Airlines. The recruitment bases provide better job opportunities and a platform for our students to realize their flying dreams.

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