Investment and Trade Promotion Activities Held for the ChinaAid Program Participants
Date:2018-04-25  Author :

On the afternoon of April 23, Investment and Trade Promotion activities were held at SFTC for the China-Aid program participants from the “Symposium on Chinese Economic Development for Lebanon Ministers 2018”. 10 minister-level officials and 6 section chief-level officials from Lebanon attended the promotion activities and had discussions on business cooperation with over 50 local entrepreneurs in the field of production safety monitoring, petrochemical equipment manufacturing, agricultural machinery, garbage recycling and food packaging.

President Diao Jiandong introduced the local economic and trade development in Qingdao and briefed on SFTC. Mr. Nicolas Habr, Chairman of the Board of the Central Foundation for the Resettlement of Lebanese Refugees, talked about the economic and trade development in Lebanon. The local entrepreneurs briefed on their own enterprises. Free discussions were arranged afterwards and some preliminary cooperation agreements between the entrepreneurs and the Lebanese participants were achieved.

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