Overseas China-Aid program and SFTC’s International Training Center Opened in Sudan
Date:2018-07-05  Author :

In the morning of July 2, 2018 of local time, the opening ceremony of a China-Aid program, the Overseas Training Seminar on Main Cash Crop Production Technology, and the founding ceremony of SFTC’s International Training Center were held at Fawu Town in the Al Qadarif state, Sudan.  The training seminar is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and organized by SFTC. The ceremonies were presided by Mr. Hera Mohamed, staff from the Liaison Office of the National Agricultural Technology Promotion Bureau of Sudan. Mr. Yang Mingang, Director of SFTC’s Academic Committee, Mr. Bidelodin Elhassan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Elam Hassan, Director General of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Bureau, and Mr. Qu Lei, general manager of Shandong Agricultural Development Co. Ltd., attended and addressed the ceremonies, as representatives of SFTC, Sudan and the co-organizer respectively.

Mr. Yang and Mr. Elhassan unveiled the nameplate of SFTC’s International Training Center in Sudan. Located in the China Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center (Sudan), the new SFTC’s International Training Center is the fifth overseas training base after Nigeria, Ethiopia, Antigua and Barbuda. The new training center is set to broaden SFTC’s international training channels, providing better service to the internationalization of the college.

Lasting for 30 days, the seminar will train 200 local Sudanese agricultural officials and technicians, who are divided into four groups in two batches, and the training will be held in the China Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center and the Massad Training Center. The trainees will be lectured on cotton breeding, sunflower and sesame planting and pest control, and field investigation and on-site studies shall be also included in the training. As the 7th overseas China-Aid training undertaken by SFTC, the seminar is a new implementation of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the Going-out Strategy.

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