New E-commerce Training Held
Date:2018-08-17  Author :

On July 30th, a new E-commerce training course based on eBay platform opened at the Cross-border E-commerce Incubator Base of Qingdao. Guided by the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, the training course was co-hosted by SFTC and the College-enterprise Alliance for Cross-border E-commerce in Shandong. The training was inaugurated under the name of ‘Yousum 100’. Mr. Zhou Houcai, SFTC’s Vice President addressed the meeting and Ms. Wang Huimin, Director of SFTC Continuous Education Department presided the ceremony.

Lasting for 7 days, the training attracted some 72 trainees from 13 enterprises and 11 colleges. The trainees are to be divided into different groups, a mixture of teachers, students and enterprise clerks. The hand-on training are about account opening, product development, product publicizing, products dispatching and payment collecting. The training is designed to facilitate a complete operating process of an E-commerce transaction on the eBay platform.

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