SFTC Kicks Off its 10th Foreign Languages and Culture Festival
Date:2018-03-29  Author :

On March 27, 2018, the 10th Foreign Languages and Culture Festival formally unveiled in the Academic Hall of SFTC. Prof. Zhou Houcai addressed the opening ceremony. Heads of various SFTC departments, teaching staff members and students' representatives attended the event.

In his speech, Prof. Zhou expressed his warm congratulations and he encouraged SFTC students to explore more in communication skills and open new perspectives for their future, just as suggested by the theme of the 10th Festival, "Communication and Cooperation".

Ms Liliana·Acevedo·Callejas, one of the SFTC's foreign teachers, delivered an inspiring English speech titled "Communication Technologies and Community Building in Globalizing Environment". Video clips from the previous Festivals had been played and the schedule for 2018 had also unveiled. The ceremony ended with an affectionate poem-reading by some students.

Co-hosted by the College English Department, the Business Foreign Languages Department and the Youth League Committee, the 10th Festival had been sponsored by Ambow Education Holding Ltd. The Festival opens for every students with SFTC and it shall last from March till mid-May. Various activities, such as the “Golden Series”, foreign language salons, lectures, foreign films evenings and fashion shows, shall be encompassed into the Festival.

Each year, SFTC shall have a foreign languages and culture festival, aiming at providing a platform showcasing students' talents, language and communication skills, thus to arouse students' multi-culture awareness and global vision, and to build an internationalized and more colorful campus.

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