The "New International Trade, New Economic Momentum” Training Program Launched at SFTC
Date:2018-03-28  Author :

"New International Trade, New Economic Momentum”, a series of training courses have been launched at SFTC's Huangdao Training Base in the morning of March 27, 2018. Some 220 trainees representing the  international trade companies from the 17 cities in Shandong Province participated in the training class. Prof. Zhou Houcai, Vice President of SFTC, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, hosted by Ms. Wang Huimin, Director of the Continuous Education.

The training courses, part of the “Cross-border E-commerce Training Program for 10000 enterprises", is consisted of 6 training sessions, focusing on new policies, new measures, new technologies and new conceptions for B2B cross-border E-commerce.  Special points regarding Cross-border E-commerce shall be covered in the training courses, such as policies and regulations, trade facilitation, new trends in international trade, brand building and spreading in overseas market, sales promotions, overseas warehousing, and cross-border payment etc.

Since 2016, when SFTC started its “Cross-border E-commerce Training Program for 10000 enterprises", some 60 training sessions have been conducted and some 17000 personnel from over 11000 international trade enterprises in Shandong have been trained. Praises have been won and many traditional international trade enterprises have seen great increase in their business.

For 2018, the "New International Trade, New Economic Momentum” Training Program shall be conducted both on line and off line, with 37 for the former training model and 40 for the latter. Some 8000 personnel from 15000 local enterprises are expected to benefit from the training program.

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