SFTC President Appointed New Academic Title
Date:2019-06-19  Author :

On June 16, the Founding Conference of Center of BFSU’s China Vocational Foreign Language Education Development and Research (CVFEDR) and the 1st CVFEDR high-end forum was held in the HQ of the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

Participators included Madam Lu Xin, President of the Chinese Vocational and Technical Society and former Deputy Minister of the Education Ministry, Professor Wang Dinghua, BFSU Party Secretary, Professor Yan Guohua, BFSU Vice President, Professor Zeng Tianshan, Deputy Director of Central Institute for Vocational and Technical Education, Ms. Huang Hui, Director of the Teaching and Textbook Office of the Vocational and Adult Education Department, the Education Ministry, Professor Xu Jianzhong, chief editor of the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and over 60 scholars of foreign language teaching. SFTC President Diao Jiandong was invited to attend the conference.

Madam Lu Xin and Professor Wang Dinghua were appointed as Advisor and Director of CVFEDR’s Advising Committee, and President Diao was named as Director of CVFEDR’s Expert Committee.

Madam Lu Xin congratulated on CVFEDR’s inauguration and pointed out that the center shall play an important role in promoting vocational education in China. She expressed her wishes to modernize vocational and technical education in China by innovating vocational English textbooks, evaluation methods and online learning platforms.

At the high-end CVFEDR forum after the founding ceremony, Professor Zeng Tianshan, President Diao Jiandong, Professor Zeng Yongqiang, President of Guangdong Teachers College of Foreign Language and Arts and Professor Zhang Yuan, President of Vocational Education College, Tianjin University of Technology and Education, delivered keynote speeches.

Since vocational education was distinctive from Higher Education, President Diao believed reforms in teachers’ mindsets, textbooks and teaching methods were needed in China’s vocational education, and school-industry integration shall be highlighted through docking industry needs with vocational program design and focusing on application and skills in vocational talents’ cultivation. Curriculum standards and personnel training objectives shall be emphasized as first priorities in line with docking program design with industry needs, teaching contents with professional qualifications, teaching process with production process. The assistance of information technology plays an important role in innovation of China’s vocational education.

The launching of the CVFEDR is to further implement China’s grand design of its vocational education reform. The center is to pool professionals at home and abroad to lead vocational foreign languages teaching, and to cultivate more high-end talents to sharpen China’s international competitiveness.

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