Guests from Challis Educational Opportunities Visited SFTC
Date:2019-03-13  Author :

On March 11 2019, the visitors from Challis Educational Opportunities (CEO) visited SFTC, including Dr. Jeremy Brown, founder of CEO, Chen Shuqing, Representative of CEO China, Wang Yufa, Legal Representative of CEO, Ding Qiuzhen, Representative of CEO Shandong and two others. President Diao Jiandong, Director of the Office of International Programs, and directors from related departments received the guests.

President Diao Jiandong and Jeremy Brown gave introductions of SFTC and Challis Educational Opportunities respectively at the meeting . The two sides expressed ideas on exchanging students and sharing resources for further cooperation.

Dr. Jeremy Brown received his Ph.D. in physics from Birmingham University in 1982, and has served as Vice Dean of the Graduate School at Yale University, Vice Dean in charge of professors in Princeton University, President of Florida State University, Panama Campus, Chief Executive Officer of Dowling University and Edinburgh University of Pennsylvania. He has published more than 100 research papers and visited 47 countries including South Africa, Canada and the United Kingdom as visiting scholar or visiting professor.

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