College-Enterprise Collaboration Agreement Signed Between SFTC & ReSourcePro (Qingdao)
Date:2019-04-03  Author :

On April 2, SFTC signed a college-enterprise collaboration agreement with ReSourcePro (Qingdao) to launch a special program tailored for the talent needs of the enterprise (the ReSourcePro Program). The signing ceremony was witnessed by Professor Zhou Houcai, SFTC Vice-President and Ms. Jia Linjie, HR Manager of ReSourcePro China.Mr. Wang Jinguang, Director of the SFTC College-enterprise Cooperation Office, Mr. Jia Guizhen, and Mr. Wang Yingxi, Party Secretary and Dean of the Business Foreign Languages Department (BFLD) also attended the ceremony.

Professor Zhou Houcai and Ms. Jia Linjie briefed SFTC and ReSourcePro China respectively and the two sides expressed wishes for further cooperation. The ReSourcePro Program is a trial experimental effort SFTC endeavored to further enhance college-enterprise cooperation and to cultivate more qualified talents tailored for the urgent needs of the enterprises.

Founded in 2003. ReSourcePro is an international company with its headquarter located in New York, US and delivers operational services to the insurance industry from global centers in Jinan, Qingdao, Bangalore, Lincoln, Nebraska. ReSourcePro (Qingdao) currently has over 4,000 employees, among which 130 are graduates of SFTC.

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